Walmsley Road, Mangere, Auckland
Project Name

Walmsley Road Development


Architecture Design


Terraced Housing

Year of Design


The site is located on the southern side of Walmsley Road, Mangere, with a total area of 6,380m2. We have designed 44 terraced housing units arranged in five east-west rows, to mitigate potential building length and scale effects. Each row has a different combination of colours, cladding, fenestration and roof profile. The massing, layout and design of the units incorporate a number of design details to mitigate on-site amenity effects associated with the number of units. By including frequent steps and variations in the roof profile as well as in the front fa├žade face, the design adds variation and interest to the development. The combination of brick veneer, weatherboards and timber-look cladding introduce familiar residential materials, which complement the contemporary aesthetic.

Varying colour and cladding between individual units will also help to visually soften and mitigate the building lengths, while making each unit discernible within the facade. This development will achieve a visually interesting and successfully articulated built form solution that mitigates the potential visual effects of the housing density, and will positively contribute to the appearance of the neighbourhood.