Project Name

Waimumu Road Development


Architecture Design


Terraced Housing

Year of Design


This project consists of five blocks of 29, two-storey terraced units on a 3,541m2 hexagon-shaped site. Building on a sloping site was the biggest challenge; the topography was therefore a significant factor as part of the design process. The elevation difference of this land is more than 7m between the lowest and highest points. To address the issue, we creatively used an asymmetrical pitched roof to mitigate the land slope visually. The roof pitches were determined mathematically according to the height difference and house span distance. The asymmetrical pitched roof is the dominant feature and its unusual shape instantly makes the building look more interesting than common roof types. This design works perfectly with the contours of the landscape.

We also clustered the units into smaller pods to mitigate potential building length and scale effects. To create diversity, the design of the units is varied and includes a mixture of materials, colours, surface planes, roof pitches, angles, building alignments and building volumes.