Project Name

Truro Road Development


Architecture Design


Apartment Residential

Year of Design


The site is located on the corner of Truro and Sandringham Roads. We have designed a modern 5storey, 17unit apartment building, primarily comprising two-bedroom homes.

The architectural design approach includes a variety of techniques to visually vary and break up the building’s mass, including a range of materials and colours. Of note is the building’s solid base, a lighter middle, and a darker, slightly recessed mansard-type roof on the top level. It includes a variety of colours and finishes that complement the physical modulation, and reveal the front and sides as being composed of smaller, geometrically simple forms. This has resulted in a visually interesting but not excessively ‘noisy’ façade. In addition, the access core breaks the building’s long side elevation into three parts. This will be finished in a perforated metal cladding.

Overall, the architectural design responds logically to the site’s external boundaries, presents an obvious massing strategy, and maximises the orientation of living and other rooms. This development will achieve a visually interesting and articulated built form solution that mitigates the potential visual effects of the housing density, and will positively contribute to the neighbourhood.