113-115 Swanson Road, Henderson
Project Name

Swanson Way


Architecture Design


Terraced Housing and Apartment Mixed

Year of Design


The contemporary development consists of twelve units two-storey terraced houses and five three-storey apartments, to fully maximise the available space. Privacy is maintained in these cleverly designed apartments, with the row of buildings visible on Swanson Road, yet the individual houses are only visible on entry to the property. During the design phase, the construction process and costs have been evaluated thoroughly, to provide affordable homes. The development not only revamps the area’s old township, it has also alleviated the housing shortage in Auckland, while increasing the living quality of medium density residential homes. The design of the houses creates a clear identity and sense of place. We have a design guide to ensure the different parts of the development meet a quality standard and maintain consistent character across the development. Auckland City Council and Auckland Design Office have commended our elaborate layout design and attention to detail, setting a benchmark for old town gentrification.

113-115 Swanson Road, Henderson