Schnapper Rock Road. Schnapper Rock. Auckland
Project Name

Schnapper Rock Road Development


Architecture Design


Terraced Housing

Year of Design


The 1,255m2 site is a triangular shaped corner section, located on the eastern side of Schnapper Rock Road and the south-western side of Albany Highway. The design approach effectively utilised the irregularly shaped property and developed a combination of different house types.

We designed 11 dwellings with attractive modern and simple fa├žades as all dwellings have been created to address the street. The building layout features three dwellings fronting Schnapper Rock Road, in a manner that is generally consistent with the local streetscape, with the new terrace-style buildings established along the frontage with Albany Highway. Central to the development, and screened from the street, is the vehicle access and car parking.

The height, bulk and location of the development will maintain a reasonable standard of sunlight access and will not appear visually dominant to any adjoining site. The buildings are oriented within the site, over the street or are screened by boundary fencing and vegetation, to maintain the appearance and privacy of adjacent sites. The buildings are sufficiently modulated and articulated for visual interest and will contribute positively to the planned future character of the area. Where possible, the dwellings have been designed to allow for cross ventilation, and optimised daylight. Each unit features an outdoor living space, conveniently accessible from the principal living areas.

By using quality fenestration, a mix of materials, a mix of vertical and horizontal cladding, and the provision of detailed, high-quality landscaping, this development will contribute to the character of the area.