Ryburn Road, Mt Wellington, Auckland
Project Name

Ryburn Garden


Architecture Design


Terraced Housing

Year of Design


The site is situated on the corner of Panama and Ryburn Roads. It is a 2,833m2, regular shaped site with a chamfered north-eastern corner. We have designed 25 terraced-style dwellings on the site, in four separate blocks, which will accommodate a variety of 2 and 3 storey buildings. One challenge of the architectural design was to create the dwellings around a large protected Pohutukawa tree: including it into the landscape of the property.

We provide 25 dwellings with an accessible, functional outdoor living space, as well as a high-quality of on-site amenity for future occupants. By utilising a variety of quality materials, setbacks, roof profiles and architectural features to articulate the fa├žade, the architects achieved a high-quality design and finish to the development, which will positively contribute to the surrounding area.

The buildings feature a high degree of visual interest through the organisation and variation in height. The mass of the buildings has been moderated by breaking the volume into principal and sub masses. Internally the rooms are organised simply to create regular sized rooms, with clear access and circulation zones. Proportional relationships are therefore optimised and the storage areas provide an integrated solution for the home interiors.

Particular care has been taken in the design process to ensure a positive relationship to the street scene. Balancing the desirability for well orientated open spaces with engagement to the street, the Panama Road frontage achieves this through limited height boundaries, and access to the gardens and rooms within the house that overlook the street through subtle level changes. The Ryburn Road frontage is more classically handled but still achieves the same outcome of positive street engagement.

The design approach incorporates an attractive landscape design to the site entrance and internal courtyard. This maintains a sense of continuity with the character of the area, while using the mature tree as a strong focal point.

Ryburn Road, Mt Wellington, Auckland