Project Name

Ruawai Road Development


Architecture Design


Terraced Housing

Year of Design


The site is an 809m² rectangular shaped site located along the eastern side of Ruawai Road. The site is located near the intersection of Ruawai Road, Whitford Avenue and Rayma Place and has a generally flat topography, it falls very gently from the north in a south-easterly direction.

In this project, we designed seven units of three storey terrace houses with seven parking spaces provided towards the centre of the site. The terrace houses comprise of the following layouts: 1) Open plan living / dining / kitchen area on the ground floor. 2) An ensuite bedroom with an informal sitting area on the first floor. 3) Two bedrooms, including the master bedroom on the second floor. The architectural design provides a high-quality land use outcome while accommodating additional residential capacity, which is well connected, serviced and located within close proximity to a thriving Town Centre zone.

The design effectively utilises the site’s narrow frontage by proposing two street fronting dwellings and offers an attractive entrance along the Ruawai Road frontage. The design includes a variety of materials and colours so as to break the built forms into smaller geometric forms. Of note, the buildings express a solid ‘base’ and a lighter upper level. The varying cladding colours and use of glazing along the street would ensure a good level of attractiveness and create visual interest along the road frontage of the development.

In addition, the development frontage was provided with a good level of treatment in various landscaping and permeable fencing to further enhance the streetscape environment. These combined with orientating the outdoor living areas towards the street provide an attractive street front and offer a level of passive surveillance.