Rosier Road Development
Project Name

Rosier Road Development


Master Plan and Architecture Design


Terraced Housing

Year of Design


The site is quite challenging due to its slope and unusual ‘L’ shape (including a proportionally narrow public road frontage). This development features 61 terraced units in 10 blocks across the site. The buildings have been appropriately modulated to mitigate potential urban design effects related to their bulk, mass and scale (including visual privacy). The number of units in each block varies from four up to a maximum of eight. The appearance of the buildings is varied and includes a mixture of materials, colours, surface planes, building volumes, and roof profiles. A largely conventional arrangement of ‘fronts and backs’ has been proposed for the units, which will provide suitable internal functionality. Potential privacy concerns have been mitigated through the use of setbacks, offsets, and screening devices including fencing and landscaping at the ground level boundaries.

Overall, this architectural design responds successfully to the site’s context and will positively contribute to the quality of the street and the character of the zone. The street frontage is appropriately activated and will maintain the attractiveness of the streetscape.