33 Owens Road, Epsom
Project Name

Owens Road Development


Architecture Design


Terraced Housing

Year of Design


This development is located on a busy arterial road, which runs from central Epsom to the city centre and motorway. The client brief was to fully utilise this rare section within the double grammar zone, by providing the maximum density permitted for the site – in this case eleven units. Through detailed and delicate design, the land usage was fully optimised. The design also cleverly maintained a balance between a high quality of housing and living standard with an up-scale façade, while minimising construction costs. Architectural elements within all of the units have a good relationship with the street, and integrate with the unique site and its environment. The site’s high density meant it was important to provide good flow through the living and outdoors spaces of all units. This was achieved with use of north/south axis layouts for several units. Robust materials and a low maintenance building will ensure it continues to look attractive over time.