Project Name

Ormiston Rise Development


Master Plan and Architecture Design


Terraced Housing and Apartment Mixed

Year of Design


The site is a substantial single residential lot which is irregular in shape comprising a total area of 25 hectares. It is generally bound by residential lifestyle lots to the south, and a steep gully/watercourse feature to the east. Within a year we have designed a master plan consisting of more than 600 homes, obtained resource consent and building consent and secured KiwiBuild approval. Our designed dwellings comprise of 555 predominantly one and two level residences, with 113 three level apartments containing two or more bedrooms and associated living spaces. The dwellings are a mixture of low level apartments, terraced, duplex and stand-alone housing typologies.

The design is unusual in terms of its single large stage for all 600+ units. This responds appropriately to the site’s context and will positively contribute to the quality of the surrounding streets as well as the urban character sought within the zone. The street frontages will be appropriately activated and will maintain the suburban amenity values of the streetscape. This is largely because of the way the typologies have been positioned to maximise street frontage.

Care has been taken to ensure there is a variety of architectural, landscape and urban design responses across the site and the streetscapes. Simple roof forms and window shapes are used to emphasise streetscapes and give a degree of cohesion between the different typologies. The visual appearance of the buildings is varied and includes a successful mixture of materials, colours, surface planes and building volumes, and roof profiles. A simple material palette of vertical and horizontal cladding provides texture to the dwelling elevations and contrasting colour selections ensure the buildings are well differentiated and avoid a monotone appearance. This design project showcases the Government’s KiwiBuild scheme.