Project Name

Murphys Park Development


Master Plan and Architecture Design


Terraced Housing

Year of Design


Located in the heart of South Auckland’s Flat Bush, Murphy’s Road has become a popular arterial route that links a number of major intersections. The area supports large housing and employment growth. This significant housing development was designed with a core mission: to create one of Auckland’s most exciting and attractive communities. The extensive 55 hectare development will meet the demands of diverse residential needs through thoughtful planning. In designing the 138 terrace houses, our challenge was to create a large residential community and a resident centred design in a medium-density area while managing construction costs. The stunning building façade and master plan, allowed us to successfully improve the appearance and quality of the community while keeping construction costs under control. Through accurate design, the residents are able to enjoy a comfortable outdoor space while minimising the retaining wall area. Our designers utilised design of the main building and economical features of conventional buildings to create a high-quality community within a manageable budget.