72/74 Alfriston Road, Manurewa East, Auckland
Project Name

Alfriston Road Development


Architecture Design


Terraced Housing

Year of Design


Essentially a brownfield infill site, this irregular-shaped section of significant size is rare in the area. The geometry and topography of the site lends itself to a ‘panhandle’ type layout with a central parking court configuration.

The architectural design provides a different form of development based on short terrace and detached forms. The designs are traditional in style and offer a range of dwelling sizes with2-4bedroom options. A limited palette of materials has been employed to create an overall identity for the development. The connection between plan, mass, sub mass and facade division ensures the terraces retain a human scale. We have proposed a combination of materials to provide individual character for the dwellings, while retaining visual coherence and a sense of overall identity.

The architectural design maximises facilities for residents through layout and high quality public spaces. There are a variety of different house types to encourage diversity, and buildings have been kept to two storeys. All house types provide good sized living spaces and bedrooms with storage provisions, good ceiling heights and ample glazing. All homes enjoy direct access from living spaces to private outdoor terraces.

Complementing the building’s character is the landscape, which includes hard and soft areas. The access and parking arrangement offers advantages in managing vehicle speed, promoting a pedestrian/human scale while offering convenient parking for residents.

Overall, this development represents a step forward in high quality medium density residential housingin an area largely characterised by detached dwellings. This offers additional housing choices in a location and form that supports sustainable development principles. The approach provides distinctive high quality architecture complemented by well designed and detailed open spaces. The development has an identifiable visual character and because of the nature of the site it promotes a strong neighbourhood identity.