Project Name

818 Eden Gem


Architecture Design


Terraced Housing

Year of Design


The site is rectangular in shape and sits on the corner of Rahiri Road and the eastern side of Mount Eden Road. The topography of the property is gently sloped from east to west down towards Mount Eden Road, with a change in elevation of approximately 3m across the site.

We designed four attached, three-storey units and a fifth, three storey detached townhouse across the site and orientated in a single row running west to east. All the dwellings have a modular design with varying alcove and overhang spaces, and the saw-tooth roof form which will add visual interest and maximise the usability of available indoor and outdoor spaces. By using varied materials to break up blank walls, visual dominance is avoided including from the public realm. These design elements also improve the aesthetic of the site and ensure that the level of amenity experienced within the streetscape and surrounding environment is maintained.

Overall, the high-quality finishings and architectural design of the development ensures that it enhances the streetscape, and areas of landscaping ensures that it contributes to the amenity and character of the public realm.