Welcome to OZAC Architects! We’re glad you’re here.


We are Auckland architects with international reach and full-service capabilities offering bespoke architectural design.


Whether you are looking to develop residential and apartment housing, a commercial complex, or an entire urban setting, we can provide the solutions you need to create the perfect environment.


What We Do


At OZAC, we are a bespoke architectural firm that specializes in designing medium to high density residential complexes. Terraced housing and apartment projects are a particular specialty, and we currently have in-progress terrace projects ranging from 3-unit homes to 300 plus unit apartment complexes.


However, while these are our specialty, we offer full design-to-construction services for:

  • Apartment Complexes
  • Residential Areas
  • Commercial Complexes
  • Terraced Housing
  • Detached Housing
  • Mixed-Use Complexes
  • Cultural Centres
  • Vacation Villages
  • Headquarter Offices


Whether a low-density or high-density project, or an isolated structure or an entire urban area, OZAC has the experience and skills required for the task. Because we provide bespoke architectural services and have an incredibly diverse and experienced team, we are able to create plans for a wide array of structures and area types and can offer truly unique designs.


With our diverse and experienced team of planners, engineers, and urban designers, we can provide full-service planning and development services, from concept design through completion of construction. This creates a seamless experience for our clients, allowing them to have one simple point of contact from start to finish of their project, alleviating much stress and speeding up the process.


Since we are a bespoke architectural firm and provide high levels of customization and full design and planning services, we also emphasize client communication throughout the entire process. We believe listening well and understanding our clients are the only ways to approach our projects.


Our Approach


As architects in Auckland and abroad, we excel at creating urban architecture designed to enhance the lives of those using it while working with, rather than against, a site’s natural backdrop. We work with the landscape and natural context to create structures that will take the greatest advantage of the site’s potential, both architecturally and commercially.


We believe in creating housing and spaces that not only benefit the individuals who will be using it but will also benefit the planet as well. That is why we are careful to work with the nature surrounding each site, using earth-friendly and sustainable materials and methods.


This push to be earth-conscious has resulted in many innovations of which we are proud and has enhanced the creativity and usability of the structures and areas we create, rather than hindering it.


Who We Are


OZAC architect has over 10 years of rich history, resulting in a strong, diverse architecture firm and team.


  • Our Company: OZAC originated from an architectural firm, Jackson and Associate International Architects (JAIA), that was founded in 2005. The firm grew rapidly and expanded to Shanghai. By 2014, the headquarters returned to New Zealand and the company rebranded itself as OZAC Architects.It was during this rebranding process when the push towards sustainability and environmentally conscious architectural practice became a key characteristic of our firm.We have grown into a firm of NZIA registered architects capable of offering full services from concept design to carrying out construction.
  • Our Team: Over the years, our OZAC Architect team has grown to include a diverse set of passionate and creative planners, engineers, urban designers, and architects from all over the world. Most of our team have lived and practiced internationally, including in countries and cities like Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Europe and the US.
  • Our Reach: While we started and are still based in Auckland, our reach goes well beyond. We have grown to include two other main offices in Shanghai and Tianjin, China, and our projects go beyond that.We have prided ourselves in creating a team that brings not only a diversity of skill but a diversity of culture as well, further enriching the insight and creativity that we bring to bear for our projects.



There are many reasons to choose to work with OZAC Architects:

  • NZIA Registered: Our firm is registered with the New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA), ensuring excellence. NZGBC registered as well.
  • Bespoke architecture: Our firm offers only bespoke designs, meaning the possibilities are endless. There are no repeats, and clients are not limited to pre-set templates. We will listen to our client’s vision and work with the unique site to create the best structure or complex.
  • Environmentally Conscious: At OZAC Architects, we pride ourselves on designing and building environmentally friendly structures and urban centres. Clients can have peace of mind when working with us, even on the biggest projects – we know how to build in a way that is kind to our planet and the future.
  • Sustainable: We are constantly pushing to find and use the most sustainable practices and materials for our projects. Our clients can feel good about the fact that working with us means less depletion of resources.
  • Diverse, Multicultural Team: When you work with us, you work with an incredibly diverse team of designers and architects. This means working with experts with a wide array of skills and experience as well as with rich, multicultural backgrounds.All of this ensures the greatest and most relevant set of skills for your unique project, as well as beautifully diverse insight and perspective to enrich your project.


Ultimately, at OZAC Architects, we provide the skill, expertise, and creative insight for any project that you could dream up, and our value for listening and pursuing a better future for both people and the earth through our architecture speaks to our integrity and character.


Contact Us


If you or your company have a project in mind, whether small or large, contact OZAC Architects to speak to one of our team members. We will be happy to hear your vision and discuss possibilities. You can view samples of our other projects and learn more about how we can turn your vision into a reality.