Hewlett Road, Massey, Auckland
Project Name

Hewlett Oasis


Architecture Design


Terraced Housing

Year of Design


Hewlett Oasis is a development located at numbers 18, 20, 22 and 24 Hewlett Road, Massey. The site is challenging as it is an irregular rectangle shape and the land slopes from south to north with a change in elevation across approximately 9m. This redevelopment of the site involved constructing 36 residential units with a shared undercroft parking area for 36 vehicles and a new two-way access and driveway. The role of OZAC as the architect was critical in maximising land usage by designing an optimal number of quality homes on the site. Our creative design solutions included clever use of land without compromising on quality, and delivering the project at an affordable cost.

The development follows a perimeter block layout, to give the best balance of private space and safety for residents. Layout of the units was therefore carefully worked through to create an attractive environment that is easy and enjoyable to live in. This is a Government KiwiBuild project.