Joe Zhou

Joe lives and breathes architecture. For him, it’s not just a job – it’s a way of life.

He has worked for a variety of industry-leading firms, including the RMJM UK Shanghai Branch, for more than 12 years.

During this time, Joe has created a reputable name for himself as an expert in architecture, especially when it comes to explaining and modifying designs based on unique client requirements.

From 1,135,786 m2 residential apartments and multi-level complexes to luxury buildings in heavily populated Shanghai neighbourhoods, Joe has experience in a vast range of architectural projects, and has proven his irrefutable skill time and time again in all of them.
After six years working in Shanghai, Joe transitioned to New Zealand in 2013, where he gained a thorough appreciation and understanding of the Auckland Unitary Plan.

During his time here, he has already worked on more than 600 challenging and rewarding projects throughout the city, including functional multi-level mixed-use buildings, and beautiful sixteen-unit terrace houses.

For most architects, these high-density designs represent something of an unwelcome challenge. The heavy constraints on physical space and potential design can make these projects more of a nightmare than a dream job for many professionals, whereas Joe thrives on this challenging, city environment. He expertly assists clients to develop the most profitable, efficient, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing architectural solutions possible, despite the spatial constraints.

His natural and strong communication skills, paired with his effective team management experience, make him a fundamental and treasured team member. His extensive industry knowledge and experience in the design and construction process is second-to-none, and his expert skills in development strategy and project management make him an invaluable source of information and inspiration on any architectural project.

During the time Joe has spent in Auckland, he has also developed a network of professional connections and personal relationships with clients and industry experts, which allows him to maintain an up-to-date understanding of the latest trends and movements in the local architecture industry.

Managing Director

Opal Zhu

Opal holds the esteemed title of Managing Director of OZAC Architects.

Her career began with a Masters of Architecture in China, before flourishing with over a decade in the architecture industry. She trained at RMJM – one of the former Big Ten architecture firms in the world – and began her esteemed career at 10 Design.

Eventually, Opal relocated to New Zealand, where she founded OZAC Architects, and has worked ever since managing the internal affairs of the company, and developing the progressive administration system that supports OZAC’s immeasurable growth and success.

Opal isn’t just an expert in architecture, but a skilled and experienced professional in company law and tax, making her the perfect leader to run the financial and operational management of OZAC.

Founding Director, Principal

Tom Jing

Tom brings a wealth of invaluable international and local experience to the team, and is a registered architect in both New Zealand and Australia. He is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA) and the Royal Australian Institute of Architects (RAIA).

He has spent over two decades in the industry, building a portfolio of professional experience in Australia, New Zealand, and China. In total, Tom has delivered over one million square metres of successful, innovative architectural projects.

Thanks to his dedication to delivering projects of exceptional quality, Tom has won multiple prestigious awards in international design competitions, despite being up against some of the most well known and regarded architects in the world.

While Tom is highly skilled in all key areas of architecture, one of his most outstanding talents lies in creating additional value not just in the design itself, but in the management of the entire project development process.

Tom’s immense and deeply impressive portfolio includes a wide variety of projects, from luxury residences to affordable properties with maximum cost effectiveness.


Sam Peng

Sam is one of OZAC’s treasured Principals, and comes with a raft of architectural design expertise that he has earned during more than a decade working in New Zealand and China.

His experience includes residential spaces, commercial projects, hotels, and office spaces. His skills in these areas are renowned, and he has a particular interest in tackling especially challenging residential projects, all the while building meaningful and lasting relationships with clients and consultants alike.

Sam is a registered architect in China, and before he started at OZAC, he worked for JAE in Shanghai and TZTW in Tianjin. This experience saw him leading a number of prestigious projects, including the Phicomm Communication R&D Centre, and the Tianjin Municipal Party School.

In New Zealand, Sam’s current projects continue to highlight his effortless architectural talents. These include The Glen, a 76-unit apartment in Glenfield, and the Hewlett development, a 36-unit KiwiBuild terrace house in Massey.


Pengfei Song

Pengfei is a highly educated and skilled Associate at OZAC Architects, specialising in Architecture Representation, Digital Fabrication, and Detail Design.

He studied Architecture and Digital Design in China and the United Kingdom, and has been working successfully in the industry for the past decade, making a respected name for himself along the way. He is especially interested in combining his broad theoretical and research knowledge with the more practical aspects of his architectural projects.

Team Leader

Chunya Cai

Chunya expertly manages concept design, resource consent, building consent, and construction coordination at OZAC Architects. She is currently a member of Living Future Institute (USA) and is an Accredited Professional in NZGBC (New Zealand).

Chunya’s skill set includes architectural design, interior design, and project management, and she excels during challenging projects such as mixed-use shopping centres, residential projects, resorts, office blocks, hotels, and cultural buildings.

Her extensive experience covers work in Shanghai and New Zealand, and includes community projects and resort development in Bali and Indonesia. Thanks to these numerous international and domestic roles spanning more than a decade, Chunya has gained a valuable and comprehensive understanding of sustainable architectural design.

During her time working in New Zealand, she has demonstrated her effective leadership skills and exceptional teamwork on projects throughout Auckland, including wonderful work on residential projects and office buildings. She has worked on standalone houses and complex apartment blocks, and also manages projects in the prestigious Queenstown region, including a bridge hotel, an apartment, and terraced houses.

Manager - Queenstown Office

Noraiza Marquez

Noraiza started off as a Project Lead, one of the first staff of OZAC in Auckland, and eventually became the manager for the Resource Consent Team from 2017 to 2019. She is now living in Queenstown to spearhead the beginning of the OZAC branch office and manage the projects in the South Island.

With almost 10 years of diverse experience in architectural design and coordination in New Zealand, Singapore and the Middle East, she has learnt to view the role of an architect as the lead consultant to facilitate the design process. She believes that the key to successful project outcome is having a collaborative approach to design and project management – a good understanding of the client’s needs and expectations, and thoughtful consideration of council, specialist consultants and contractors advice.

Project Lead

Wei Shen

Working as a Project Lead on the Building Consent team for OZAC Architects, Wei offers a wealth of valuable experience in architectural design, and exceptional communication and problem-solving skills.

He specialises in Building Consent, as well as detailed design for medium-to-high density residential developments. Wei is known for taking the initiative and preparing for projects well ahead of time to minimise any risks or possible issues in the construction phase.

Wei’s clients particularly love working with him for his singular professionalism and efficiency, and because he truly believes that great architectural design should emphasise the utility aspects of architecture.

Before working at OZAC Architects, Wei participated in a number of breath-taking ancient Chinese architecture projects – an area in which he holds particular interest -– and gained greater confidence and experience in his abilities, which he employs in all his work today.

Team Leader

Billy Zhang

Billy has comprehensive knowledge in building technology, building codes, and regulations.
He is devoted to designing eco-friendly architecture that creates welcoming and comfortable
spaces for residents.

At OZAC, Billy largely works on architectural design for high-density terraced homes and
apartments, and is currently managing projects including a large 74-unit apartment, a 5-level
cast in-situ concrete structure apartment, and a 61-unit terraced house development.

In the past, Billy has gained eight years of experience in China where he led various
challenging but rewarding development projects including high-rise residential apartments,
office buildings, and subway stations.

Project Lead

Louisa Yu

Louisa works on the Building Consent Team for OZAC Architects, and has helped with numerous terraced homes and apartments. Her valued experience lies in designing small- to medium-scale residentials, and she has also worked in Resource Consent Teams.

She has a comprehensive understanding of building development, and genuinely values the relationships between the community and the environment. She always enjoys discussing projects with clients, and believes that a great architectural design should not only consider the visual, but also the spatial aspects to enhance the overall experience for residents.

Louisa actively seeks a transformative approach to convert great designs into more reliable and practical constructions. Importantly, she is also an accredited Green Star Practitioner for New Zealand Green Building Council who’s deeply captivated and inspired by the concept of green building.


Spin Lin

Spin is a respected and experienced Associate at OZAC Architects, and is responsible for leading and mentoring each Scheme Design team member to ensure everyone is highly motivated, supported, and efficient in everything they do.

Spin began his career with a Bachelor of Urban Planning from the prestigious Shenzhen University of China, and has worked in the industry for more than seven years. He has comprehensive knowledge in urban planning and in architectural and interior design thanks to years of working on a variety of rewarding projects, including residential and public buildings.

Prior to joining the team at OZAC, Spin worked for ZHUBO DESIGN GROUP in Shenzhen and Chongqing, China. He worked in the distinguished role of Project Manager for multiple large assignments, such as the Chinese International Conference Centre in Guangan, the Longfor Starlight Elementary School Renovation Development, and Merchants Chongqing Jinshan YiKu Phase II Development.

Architectural Technician

Olivia Luo

Olivia has ten years of experience in the construction industry, and has a master’s degree in construction from Massey University.

Her vast experience includes both residential and commercial building design, and her prodigious skill has seen her win multiple awards, including the Provincial Excellent Engineering Design Award.

Olivia has made achievements thanks to her research in the field of new materials application technology. She is committed to integrating new materials and technologies into her work, and believes that these innovations – and her innovative thinking – will make a positive impact on her architectural design.

The result is one of higher quality, more environmental consideration, and an overall better living standards for all those fortunate enough to work with Olivia.

Marketing Coordinator

Claire Jiang

Claire is a Marketing Coordinator at OZAC Architects, where she works hard to develop integrated marketing campaigns to promote brand and service, including planning, advertising, public relations, event organisation, and research.

She has over a decade of experience in Asia and New Zealand, and is a professional, passionate, and detail-oriented marketer with a proven track record of accomplishment both academically and as an employee.

Claire brings a powerful mix of strategic thinking, excellent communication skills, an eye for detail, genuine creativity, and analytical skills to the table, which she applies to every project she works on. In particular, she is strong in graphic design, email marketing, website management, editorial content, project management, and event planning.

As well as being an expert in current trends, Claire is passionate about emerging technologies and digital marketing tools to help businesses stand out from the noise.

Architectural Technician

Geoff Chen

Geoff is a talented Architectural Technician for OZAC Architects, focusing on the technical aspects of multi-unit residential developments and coordinating with clients and consultants. He is passionate about detailing and is always eager to find a balance between the practical and comfort aspects of a design.
Before coming on board with OZAC, Geoff obtained his bachelor’s degree in architecture from the University of Auckland, and worked on small residential projects in domestic firms for two years as a draftsman. Here, he honed his strong communication and design skills, and continues to improve them with every project.

Architectural Technician

Murphy Chen

Murphy is a greatly talented Architectural Technician working on both residential developments and commercial design, ranging from small- to large-scale projects. Murphy is well known for her impressive ability to put herself in her clients’ shoes and see their perspectives, giving her insight into the needs and wants of different parties on each project.

She is particularly skilled in finding the balance and mediating between clients, consultants, and contractors, all the while offering her own invaluable advice and experience. She embraces every challenge, and considers each hurdle a new learning experience.

Her style philosophy brings out the best of simplicity, and incorporates inspiration from Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe’s design, which maximises sustainability, aesthetics, and economy.

Before coming to work with OZAC Architects, Murphy studied architectural and construction drawing design in Hangzhou, China. She has commendable experience in designing both residential and commercial architecture.

Team Leader

Keith Feng

With over 15 years’ experience in the design and construction industries, Keith offers a wide range of technical skills and knowledge. He is skilled in the effective management of IT/CAD systems, and in service coordination for complex buildings.

Keith has proven he is singularly capable in leading a diverse team of consultants, specialists, and sub-contractors, and ensuring each individual remains on track and feels supported throughout the process. This leadership facilitates the completion of large-scale projects on time and on budget. He has a strong belief that time is money, and accuracy and proficiency are gold.

At OZAC Architects, Keith works as a Team Leader on the Building Consent team, and specialises in project delivery and the design construction documentation process for high-end housing projects, as well as complex jobs in a cost-conscious environment worth over 20 million dollars.

He intuitively provides the team with leadership, problem solving, strong organisational abilities, and superior communication and operational skills day in day out. He also collaboratively manages large inhouse teams, consultants, and agencies for multiple projects.

Senior Architectural Designer

Jing Ren

Jing is a skilled designer who has proven her remarkable skills in effectively managing multiple projects simultaneously, all while putting the clients’ needs first.

She adds her rich experience of designing medium- to large-scale projects including retail and multi-unit residential projects, and no matter the project, Jing always forges solid working relationships with clients, consultants, and contractors.

Jing began her career with a bachelor’s degree in Architecture, before working as a Project Architect in Beijing for six years. Here she designed highly functional and aesthetically pleasing buildings including a general hospital, museum exhibition hall, and over development of a subway.

She then joined Woods Bagot, a global architectural firm, and worked as the Project Architect and Project Manager for commercial complex design. Rounding out her extensive experience and passions, Jing has also volunteered for the Dream On charity project, for which she designed a dream classroom in Shanghai.

Assistant Accountant

Tammy Tian

Tammy is on the Project Management Team at OZAC Architects, where she assists in accounts receivable and accounts payable, but also stays on top of a range of demanding daily tasks such as banking, data entry, transferring funds, and preparing payments.
Throughout many years of work and study, Tammy perfected her abilities in accounting, managing files and corporate assets, communication, administrative support, and data entry. She is proactive and a team player, and a great help in any administrative task.

Architectural Technician

Bob Zhou

Bob is an Architectural Technician on the Building Consent Team at OZAC Architects, where he always pays extra attention to detail in every project, often leading him to discover – and prevent or minimise – overlooked issues.

He believes that a great architectural design should incorporate aesthetics and utility, and always demonstrates a willingness to learn and understand the insights of constructive procedures.
Bob has recently graduated from Ara Institute of Canterbury with a Graduate Diploma in Computer Aided Design. At OZAC, he continues to grow by communicating with manufacturers regarding constructive materials to learn more about them and ensure the quality of products used for his projects.

Architectural Technician

Chris Fan

Chris is an Architectural Technician on the Building Consent team at OZAC Architects. Her recent projects have included a set of beautiful terraced homes, and she has developed a well-rounded knowledge base and expertise in architectural design throughout her career.

She began her passion for the industry with a bachelor’s degree in architecture, before working in a local architectural and construction company for several years, where she learned new skills quickly and thrived on fresh challenges. Thanks to this experience, Chris has a fantastic understanding of both architectural design and the construction phase.

Project Administrator

Michelle Liu

Michelle is part of the highly respected project management team at OZAC Architects, and carries a strong passion for the real estate industry. Her strengths include being very familiar with the New Zealand property industry, and knowing the ins and outs of local development procedures. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Property from the University of Auckland, and offers exceptional consultation and project management skills.

Her role on the team is to develop, review, and negotiate project contracts, and she also oversees the process of consent application and approval using her excellent project management skills to ensure all projects are completed on time within the scope and budget.
Prior to her journey with OZAC Architects, Michelle had five years of local real estate management experience. She has participated in residential projects of different scales and has broad experience in consent application and consultancy work in the industry.

Architectural Designer

Pingan Li

Pingan’s role at OZAC Architects is focused on architectural design throughout the various stages of each project, including conceptual design, preliminary design, and construction drawing design.

His impressive skills see him adeptly managing multiple projects at once, seamlessly moving from one plan to another and spreading his knowledge and experience across several designs.

Pingan is passionate about creating architectural designs that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are flawlessly functional.

Project Administrator

Merlin Zhou

Merlin is a highly educated manager, specialising in development projects that utilise his professional expertise through every stage of the process, from initial feasibility testing to final sale.

He studied road bridge and river-crossing engineering in China and construction project management in New Zealand. Merlin’s work experience in China and New Zealand spans projects with developers, architects, consultants, contractors, Government institutions and development neighbours, to forecast potential issues and offer insights. He minimises the potential risks for a project and manages the time, quality, and spend.

Architectural Designer

Jermy Lin

Bold, creative and forthright, Jermy is an architect who likes to make things happen. He is dedicated to planning designs and has a passion for producing meticulous and eco-sustainable projects as well as ensuring these aspects are carefully executed on site.

Jermy thinks of a house as an organ and believes a builder must become aware of the life process of his building by serving, not imposing a form. In every project Jermy is trying to find the form that results from the life process involved.

A dedicated, hardworking and enterprising individual, Jermy is enthusiastic about growing his knowledge and existing skills.


Zoee Chen O’Kane

Zoee is an administrative expert with extensive experience in office management and customer service that fits the company’s unique goals and culture. Through a variety of roles in industry and practice she has developed proficiency in business communications and processes.

A multilingual front-of-house administrator at OZAC, Zoee also provides office and administrative support to the team in IT, and marketing and carries out a variety of other tasks.

Architectural Designer

Benjamin Feng

With a strong passion for architectural design, Ben is part of the Schematic Design Team at OZAC Architects. Raised in New Zealand, Ben completed his Bachelor’s and Master of Architecture at the University of Auckland. During this time, he also participated in multiple international architecture competitions, resulting in one being published for winning. He completed his internship at an international architecture firm, Benoy, in Hong Kong. 

Ben is known to take a client-focused approach to each project. This, paired with his creativity and eye for detail invariably makes for a great result. Ben uses rigorous design and digital rendering to communicate ideas to the client. When he is not working on projects, he is busy preparing presentations to share the processes of rendering to the team, as he believes teamwork is key to success.  Ben is eager to develop his skills in the New Zealand Architectural industry and optimistically sees challenges as a chance to learn and grow.

Architectural Designer

Isabelle Han

Isabelle is an architectural designer at OZAC Architects with professional working experience. Her interest in architecture and design started at an early age. She has always been fascinated with how best to give life and personality to architecture and how design can change peoples’ lives while realizing commercial value. Conscientious and enthusiastic, she continually challenges herself to ensure excellent design and quality on every single project to drive value for her client’s businesses.

Isabelle holds a Master of Architecture degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology in the USA. Her experience in both China and the USA has allowed her to amass a diverse portfolio of projects, ranging from mixed-use shopping centers and museums to schools and private residences. 

Architectural Technician

Jae Kim

Jae is an Architectural Technician on the Building Consent team at OZAC Architects. Having completed his studies at Unitec in 2020, Jae has developed an excellent working knowledge of the New Zealand Building Code and regulatory framework. With his passion for residential architecture in a multitude of settings, he strives to improve his skillset and knowledge with every project he works on.

Architectural Designer

Teresa Chen

Before joining OZAC, Teresa worked as a Construction Project Manager and Assistant Construction Manager in one of the largest façade companies in Auckland, where she has been involved in the management of projects like Sugar Tree Apartment, Ormiston Town Centre, Botany Town Centre, and SHKY Apartments. 

Teresa’s leadership and execution skills facilitate an effective project management process including fit-for-purpose planning, agendas, action items, milestones, project prioritizing, and monitoring. Her confident and optimistic attitude established good relationships with clients, consultants, contractors, and specialists, with shared goals, shared knowledge, and mutual respect.

Teresa also had five years working as a graduate project architect in Shanghai, where she participated in various large-scale projects, including the biggest Commercial Centre in Asia (Shanghai Global Harbour). She believes the key to project success lies in design based on marketing demand and systematic coordination with all stakeholders. And she enjoys being part of the team shaping the progress of urban development.

Architectural Designer

Hayoung Na

Hayoung graduated with a Masters of Architecture in Auckland university. At OZAC Architects, she works on drafting plans and designing elevation. She also enjoys discussing with consultants and clients to find most optimal solutions. 

Hayoung is a good listener who is looking to balance good design with the client’s needs and vision.  With a strong belief that architecture can be a medium of change our society and improve the lifestyle of tenants, she focuses on creating living environments that are both sustainable and supportive of work-life balance. 

Architectural Technician

Selwyn Guo

Selwyn is an Architectural Technician on the OZAC Architect’s Building Consent team. He is an excellent communicator who strives to build positive relationships with clients and works with passion, tackling each project and challenge with the same enthusiasm and dedication.

Before coming onboard at OZAC, Selwyn graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from Unitec and has contributed to several smaller projects that tackle cultural and environmental considerations. At OZAC, he is eager to further hone his existing knowledge and skillset in the field of architecture with every new project experience.

Project Administrator

Jason Li

Jason is currently working as a Project Administer at OZAC’s SD team. He has been working in project management for more than five years, with experience in both China and New Zealand. 

Obtaining his bachelor’s degree in China and a postgraduate degree in New Zealand gives Jason a wider view of the industry and business. He enjoys communicating with people and collaborating in a team, with attention to detail and problem-solving skills that enable him to identify possible risks and find solutions accordingly.  He likes working in a team as well as autonomously, and he enjoys gaining new knowledge from people around him and applying it to his work.

Architectural Graduate

Hengjing Lee

Hengjing is an architectural graduate with extensive conceptual experiences and an understanding of architectural design. He graduated from the Victoria University of Wellington and subsequently completed postgraduate architectural studies at the University of Auckland.

In the design field, Hengjing is practical, academic, and design-focused, skills that enable him to achieve design solutions with finesse.

Architecture Graduate

Yi Zhang

Yi is an Architecture Graduate in the Resource Consent team at OZAC Architects. He is committed to providing clients with bold and creative designs and to realizing them.

Yi believes that architecture is the responsibility of every architect and developer to tailor a new lifestyle for each client in terms of function, layout, and shape. A hard-working and motivated person, Yi is committed to improving his knowledge and ability to achieve his goals in the future.

Graphic Designer

Aleisha Dang

Aleisha is a Graphic Designer at OZAC Architects. She graduated from the University of Waikato in 2018 and has worked as a Graphic Designer designing logos, posters, promotional banners, publication design and digital marketing content.

With over two years of experience accumulating design skills, Aleisha has continued to hone her skills in design styles and techniques, communications and being a team player. Aleisha is passionate, hardworking person who strives for ongoing growth and knowledge, not just as an individual, but also as an emerging Graphic Designer.